Our Curriculum at KiM

We are very proud of our school curriculum at Kirkby-in-Malhamdale Primary School. It follows a topic-based approach which has been designed to meet the requirements of the National Curriculum, as well as including aspects that are special and unique to our school, community and local environment - the best of both worlds!. 

Our curriculum uses a variety of creative approaches, with much centred on the topics in Chris Quigley's "Essentials:full spectrum curriculum". We believe this is a curriculum that is challenging and exciting, and also one which we are confident prepares our children for life in Britain today and in the future. Further details about this can be found by clicking here - Essentials:full spectrum curriculum.

You can view our 3-year long-term curriculum plan, where the "Essentials" topics that we use are listed, by clicking this link - Whole school 3-year curriculum plan.

Our school curriculum is planned to meet the statutory requirements of the National Curriculum, a copy of which can be found by clicking this link - the National Curriculum in England framework document - December 2014



Further documents on the class pages provide detail on the curriculum being taught in Class 1 and Class 2.

Guidance on the PSHCE entitlement is found by clicking here