Class 1

Class 1 is made up of Foundation Stage Children and Y1 children. There are 14 children in this class.

We have an interesting and varied curriculum that is accessed by all children. We have a fabulous classroom and outdoor play area and extensive play equipment that all the children can use. The curriculum is planned around three yearly topics that are tailored to the children, this makes their learning experiences relevant and meaningful. Whilst the Foundation Stage children are working within the Early Years Framework they can also take part in the Y1 curriculum.

We believe that Outdoor Learning is very important to our children and try to take children out as much as we can to learn about their locality and the wider area. We have fantastic school grounds which we encourage the children to explore and learn in too.   

Phonics are taught daily to all children in the class and the children are grouped accordingly. We use the Read, Write Inc. scheme and find that the children really enjoy this way of learning. Reading is taught mainly using the Oxford Reading Tree scheme. When children are confident readers in Year 1 we introduce Accelerated Reader to them. This quizzes the children through an online comprehension test of the book they've just read. It also gives the children a reading band with which to choose their next book.  

For information on how to pronounce the sounds in our Read Write Inc  phonics please click to watch a video.


Our Topics

We use the creative themes for learning developed by Chris Quigley Education at KiM School. We find that these topics - which link learning in all areas wherever possible - allow us flexibility to explore subject areas that the children find inspiring. We don't aim to cover absolutely everything mentioned in the plan but to gain a breadth and depth of understanding across the age range of the class.